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I’m having some serious problems relinking some footage.


I’m working on a big job that I wanted to bring home for the weekend to work off my personal machine. I copied my event and project folders as well as a folder containing all raw footage on to a raid and brought it home.


The Event has 5D, gopro and Red Epic footage being used. When I started the Event on the computer at work, I chose not to import the files into the FCPX event, i let FCPX reference a folder containing all raw footage. I copied this folder to the raid along with the Event and project folders.


When I got home, plugged in the raid and opened the event, expectedly I had to relink all the footage files. Everything from the 5Ds and go pros reconnected perfectly but NONE of the Red Epic files will reconnect. I get the ” The original file had audio, but the new file doesn’t.” error.


This doesn’t make sense, I copied the entire Raw footage folder over as is along side the Event and project folders. Even the proxies for the RED footage reconnect fine. The RED footage never had audio so I have no idea why its telling me that.


Any insight would be much appreciated!





Final Cut Pro X, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    You should have Duplicated the Event to the new drive inside of FCP X, then Consolodated the new Event.


    I've never had to relink R3D files.  When you copied the whole xxxx.R3D "folder" did you verigy it included the .RSX and a .RMD (if you adjusted the RAW settings) files?


    I just did a test, moving the R3D "folder" and could relink just fine.