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When clicking something, for example an article in an online newspaper, after reading, when you scroll back to the newspaper, Safari reloads and starts at the TOP of the page. This drives me crazy, and I have to work hard to figure out were I was in the very long frontpage of the online newspaper. Please help!

PS! Opera DOES NOT do this. So I want Safari to behave like Opera :-)

But Opera is not as good on a Mac as on a PC (I tried), so I have to use Safari, and therefore needs to figure this out.


Please help! :-)

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    This Apple-forum we now are using are a great example of the how totally useless Safari is.


    I tried to find answer for my question, and pressed "more" at the bottom of the page, and then "more" again and again until I found something interesting i want to read. So I was a bit down in the forum frontpage. Opened the forum-post, read and used mouse gestures to get back to the forum.


    Safari reloaded and startet at the top of the page, so now I must scroll down and press "more", scroll down again and press "more" again, scroll and press "more" and then once again, just to get where I was in the first place!!!


    Well, I am speachless. If this problem is unsolvable, I have no other choice than find another browser to use. This is just too stupid and it drives me crazy!


    So, you kind people out there, this is really an emergency.


    And if Apple-staff are reading this, well, you now know what you have to do, fix it immediately!

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    I have to add one more thing. I have mobile broadband with a limited quota.

    This constant reloading of heavy pages, well, I can not afford it anymore. On mobile broadband you have to save your gigabytes, not waste them unnecessery.


    It is sad because it makes Safari a no-choice for all the millions of mobile broadband users out there.


    (I am writing this, hoping someone in Apple will read and see how serious the problem really is, not just annoying and makes everything slow motion, but it is also digging in in our wallets).