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How would you have organized the 100 photos I have of my family with three children and each has their children?

I did:

Folder FAMILY 100

     Project Jeff 35

          Album Charlie 12

          Album Eli 12

          Album Cate 11

     Project Deb 35

          Album Hnry 17

          Album Oscar 18

     Project Tim 30

          Album Sarah 10

          Album Ali 10

          Album Emmy 10


I am trying to not overload my computer, so would you have imported the 35, 35 and 30 images into each of the three projects and then created a folder and then dragged the three projects into the folder?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Please don't double-post.


    Have your read and understood my concise guide -- which Frank kindly recommended?


    You can have as many Albums and Folders and Versions as you like.  They will completely overwhelm your ability to manage them long before they overload your computer.


    There is no best way to organize your collection.  There are good ways and bad ways, and there are many tools, each of them somewhat adaptable, at hand.  Have you considered using keywords or Aperture's built-in Faces?


    How would I do it?  I _strongly_ recommend importing by shoot (each shoot is a Project), and then creating Albums (inc. Smart Albums) to help you find what you are looking for.  The first key is to identify what you want to look for (in your case, family members and family membership {not the same thing}) and tag your Images so you can filter and sort by the tags you create.


    Note that in your proposed scheme, you have no way to deal with an Image of Tim w. Deb and Eli.


    Now this gets non-simple, but I suggest created nested keywords thus:


    - Jeff'sFamily

    - - Jeff

    - - Charlie

    - - Eli

    - - Cate

    - Deb'sFamily

    - - Deb

    - - Henry

    - - Oscar

    ... and so on.


    A Smart Album of "MyFamily" will show you all the keyworded Images.

    A Smart Album of "Jeff'sFamily" will show you all of the Images with any of the keywords "Jeff", "Charlie", "Eli", & "Cate".

    When you want just "Eli", you could select the "Jeff'sFamily" Smart Album and filter for "Eli".  If you do that regularly, you could create and save a SmartAlbum for "Eli".