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I am using an external monitor (DELL U2713HM). The display is connected to the USB port. (The one on the left side). I send the machine to sleep and then switch off the display. When I return, I switch on the display again. Since the MacBook Pro takes so long to wake up (a second or two), the display goes to sleep again. But the mouse is usually active and when I click the display comes back.


Now for the problem: Sometimes the USB is just dead. There are two ways to solve this issue: 1) reboot, 2) do not use the external monitor, wait for some time and then the USB ports are working again.


My suspicion is that the OS switches the ports of for some reasons (energy drain?) and then after some time switches them on again.


Is there any way to switch on the ports by hand?


Are there any chances that this will be fixed in the near future?




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PS: As a general feedback: My current combination of hardware and OS is the worst I ever had including several years of Linux with non-working suspend to ram. Several reboots per week, crashing when I switch of WLAN during a ssh transmission, and so on ...



MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)