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This started AFTER problems with Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader updates.

After those I had to delete Safari cookies and everything else I could think of in Safari to get access to whatever it was that needed that adobe stuff

and that is when the problem started ONLY in Safari....

Prior to that everything was okay


There are 5 web sites I manage using MacHighway and FTP access to them still works okay


HOWEVER READING them via Safari suddenly changed for some of them, such as

saying it cannot find the comcast site.... here is an example


or this variation http://arellano89.home.comcast.net/~arellano89/

PREVIOUSLY Either previously opened in Safari

NOW THIS http://home.comcast.net/site/error/error_404.html   SAYING IT CANNOT find the comcast.net site


(All addresses work fine in Firefox 3.6.24)

((please don't suggest I upgrade to a different system. I did NOT like the 10.5 upgrade and at age 87 what I have was working.)

Safari always opened faster and often would work where Firefox 3.6.24 was not always viable.. Now FF pops up one or more screens wanting to update, or not opening something.)


Safari Security settings  for  web content are ON for Enable Plug-ins; Java, Java Script and to accept cookies only for sites I visit.


So if you know what to do IN or With Safari or related, please help

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 1.42GHzPPCG4 Mem 1Gm;CPU1.42G