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My Safari home page, on its own, changed to the URL for the Apple Start page.  I tried to change it back to the URL I've had for a home page for years and it worked until I quit Safari but when I restarted Safari, The URL for the Apple Start page appeared in the Safari Preferences box and naturally, that's where the browser opened.  And the size of the browser changed was reduced to its minimum size even though I stretched it out to cover most of my monitor space.

I've never seen anything this weird occuring 'on its own'.  I went ahead and reset Safari and unfortunately that didn't do anything for me.  So I have two problems.  The Browser window size and the home page URL don't follow my settings.  Always have until now, so this is a real mystery.  Help.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), w/Time Capsule