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I am trying to "record" drum tracks using an external drum module, pads, and a midi to usb converter. I can record fine. My question is, why do the individual, midi notes merge together to create one, long bar of notes with no breaks in between them. NOTE: the individual midi notes stay on their correct key line...they just merge together as long bars on each key line.  When recording, the notes (little squares) are separated, but when I hit STOP, they merge together into one long bar. The separator lines, of each MIDI note, are visible in the long bar, but I can't click (to highlight) the individual notes...instead, the whole bar illuminates. One of the reasons I wanted to record drums, using MIDI, was the ability to manipulate each, individual note, just like other instruments.


I have recorded using both my Yahama DTX module and  my Roland SPD 20 module, but got the same results. I then used my M-Audio usb keyboard to "record" drums, but that method worked fine. The individual MIDI notes stay separated.


Is this a MIDI setting I am missing in the modules, or a Garageband MIDI setting?


What is the solution?  Thanks for your help!

GarageBand (Mac) '11