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A 2009 iMac in our office has had backups done since November 2011 and I now need to do a restore of the "Music" folder.  I know the backups have worked as I can see the subfolders inside the folder that machines the iMac's name.  I can browse the folder and see almost everything, but in none of them is there a folder called "Music".  This is the folder I need to restore.


Before I go any further - no, the "Music" folder was never excluded from Time Machine backups and neither were any of its parent folders.


If I browse other user profiles, they have a Music folder (even though they're empty, as expected).


Why would a single folder never be backed up if I didn't ever exclude it?


Any suggestions?  I really need to restore it (it's my manager's collection of many years of music after backups were configured by someone else ...)