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I just uptaded my iPhone 4S to the last iOs 6.1 and after that iMessage,Bluetooth and FaceTime stopped working.

They are all setted. activated and im using my home wiifi but messages cant be sent as imesaage,bluetooth doesnt find any devices and facetime just says "conection lost" when i try to call people that i always called before.

On the other hand,my husband who hasnt uptaded his iphone to iOS 6 after seing all the buggs i got since then and has his iphone still running the last iOS5 something and has no problem at all!! the phone and all its app works perfectly.

So clearly its an Apple's issue with this new uptades versions but im wondering if anyone found a fix for these problems.

It is really frustating that you uptade your phone that was already working fine to find out that that only brought problems to your phone and even worst,that you cant undone it!!!!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1