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I have 2 Netboot servers on my network.

One 10.6.8 Server (latest) hosting latest Deploy Studio

One 10.8.2 Server (latest) hosting Casper

On some machines (seemingly all machines after 2010), I can hold option key and see all netboot images.

On other, seemingly older machines, holding the option key only shows local disks including attached USB and FW drives.  On these same machines, when booted to system disk, I can go into system preferences and the netboot disks all show up and I'm able to boot to them.

On one test machine (MacBook (13-inch 2008) SMC Version:1.31f1/Boot Rom: MB41.00C1.B00) running 10.6.8 which is having the issue of not seeing the netboot images, I reset PRAM and it had no effect.

I'm looking for some troubleshooting tips so I can netboot all machines on my network.

Thanks for any assistance.