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Device profile: iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1, carrier AT&T (United States)


Over the weekend, I received an altert from AT&T that I had gone over 65% of my monthly 2 GB data limit.  But when I double-check my phone's opinion of its data usage (which I reset first thing in the morning on day 1 of a billing cycle) under "Cellular Usage", it shows a combined Sent and Received of less than 400 MB.


Now, that's a difference of about 1 GB, which is a pretty large margin of error when dealing with a 2 GB cap.  Nor is this the first time I've had a fairly wide discrepancy between my phone's reported usage and AT&T's usage alerts, though this is the biggest difference I've seen, by a fair margin.


Assuming AT&T is tracking my usage correctly (and while I'm surprised to have hit 65% midway through the month, AT&T's number is far close to what I'd expect from usage than my phone's), what would be causing my phone to under-report cellular usage by this much?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1