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    Spook Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    I have this issue with my MacBookPro6,2 with 10.7.5.  jmmj was clear in that the actual pairing process is completely failing. This means even teathering via bluetooth would not work.  The unhelpful posturing of "You would never need to do that" ignores the actual problem,  which is the inability to pair an older MacBook Pro with an iPhone 5.  I previously had an iPhone 4s and was successully pairing with my MacBook.  One of the uses for this beyond just teathering http://lifehacker.com/5815211/proximity-runs-scripts-on-your-mac-when-bluetooth- devices-are-near-or-far . next time aspire to be helpful rather than aggrogant.

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    jmmj Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    ok well thanks to everyone for their replies and input ....  good bad and ugly


    the point i was making is .... i always hear apple users saying it just works .... well I suppose it does providing your willing to accept reduced functionality ... i could bluetooth a cheapo samsung flip phone to a dell laptop running xp in 2004 ... what used to annoy me was that it wouldnt always connect and i would have to muck around with driver uploads etc .... and all the apple users would say ours just works except of course now I know that they really didnt know what they were missing out on when they would say that ...  and still are to this day of course .... but yes if you dont want to use bluetooth then my apple does just work .... just


    and yes maybe ios has always been that way ..... but does apple state anywhere in their marketing that buying a brand new iphone 5 and macbook pro with retina means you wont be able to link via bluetooth the way you can with any other competitors products .... yeah I know buyer beware .... but I look at it like this ... if I am buying a new car and observe that there is a brake pedal on a car I naturally think the car is going to have brakes and not some kind of reduced funtionality brake system put in place by the manufacturer .... the iphone clearly states bluetooth ... not reduced functionality bluetooth


    and yes the iphone does seem to sell well in isolation but considering the ios platform and iphone had firstmover advantage over android and the other various phone manufacturers so to speak global sales figures clearly indicate that the android os is the clear sales winner ....having said that i dont doubt that they have there issues too but i doubt deliberate reduced functionality is one of them



    the sales guy in the apple shop said to me that i can do anything on a mac that i can do on a pc ...well i am guessing that he has never used a pc other wise he would say that


    heres a couple more things that i have found i cant do on a mac


    when i imported my emails from my pc upon opening the saved sent mails in the ON MY MAC section you cant see who you are sending them to in the title bar with out clicking on the email ... so that means if when i need to find an earlier email i have to go through them indidvidually


    of course any new email that i send does show this info further up the tree in the sent folder


    but as i like to be organised once i put the appropriate newly sent email into a folder in the on my mac section i cant see who its sent to unless i drag it back to the above sent folder.... this was easily doable on a pc apple lovers


    i have asked apple support about this and they tell me there is no fix to ...... shocked is an understatement


    and the last classic is


    no backspace key on the keyboard  ... ***


    finally i can now understand why Adam and Eve were not supposed to bite the apple ....haahaa

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    I am seeking the solution to this problem also - using a new iPhone5 and new Macbook Pro. As with other new users of Apple devices the expected seemless connectivity and intuitive operation of these devices is not currently my experience!

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    I have problem when i use my iphone5 paring with any mobile via bluetooth .Pl.let me know to solve this issue.It will be highly appreciated if any one could help me.

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    What i would like some help to solve is as follows:


    On the mac there is a feature "internet sharing" and i have it set to share my ethernet through bluetooth, which works perfectly fine with my ipad but not with my iphone. Am i doing something wrong?

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    my 4S was perfect with bluetooth to my Jabra device, am am sorry i gave it away when I got the Iphone 5. the bluetooth just does not work and Apple is ignoring this issue.

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    iPhone 5 and ipad 2 Bluetooth not working after 6.01 update. Thanks Apple. For premium products we should be getting premium service....

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    I find the iphone 5 is very tempremental when it comes to bluetooth. Sometimes it connects to my speakers and other times although the speaker is recognised the connection just doesn't happen at all. This function is really important yet something as expensive as the iphone 5 can't do it reliably. I am already on my third phone as I have had to return two already so getting tempted to return it and give up totally...

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    Hello Anyone has solution for this problem: iPhone5 buletooth does not talk to MacBook Pro?

    I really need this to figure out the problem.


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    I see that I'm not alone with Bluetooth problem...


    I just bought an iPhone 5 and cannot communicate anymore for pictures transfer with my

    MacBook Pro  Snow Leopard  10.6.8


    Both Apple products ! I had no problems before with my old MOTOROLA V8...


    Anybody with a solution or is it just that Apple Marketing does not want us to by pass iCloud business ?


    I hope that many people will post BLUETOOTH complains so that iOS 6.1.2 will get an update from APPLE

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    Heliumx Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I agree so I've sent a message for an iOS update to




    Just in case Apple would keep their promesse when selling iPhone 5 bluetooth included...

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    tdboy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the same issue.  I wanted to pair my iphone 5 with my imac in order to use my mac for call dialing with the phone amego app.  It paired but then would not connect. When I added the iphone as a device to my phone amego app however it connected and worked perfectly.  Leads me to believe that the devices pair but then in order to connect properly have to be invoked by the right service or app with the correspondingly supported profile.

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    randysh Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    same problem as OP, iPhone 5 seems to connect to newest gen MacBook Air, but then says device not supported and prompts to forget the Macbook device.

    I want it to "just work" this is the newest iPhone and newest MBA

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    I'm having the same issue with my iPhone 5.  It will not pair with my Jawbone, hands free headset or any other bluetooth devices.  This is rediculous.  Why hasn't this been resolved by now?

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    Recently my iphone 5 has stoped connecting to my car and headset. I have also noticed that the small bluetooth icon has stopped appearing when i come off the bluetooth settings, but when i go back into the bluetooth settings the bluetooth icon appears but still im unable to connect or be discovered. i cannot search for anything o and I have tried reseting my phone many times and still no change! a new update is needed to correct this!!!!!!!! Anyone else have the excact same problem as me??