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Logic Pro 9

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  • The Art Of Sound Level 5 Level 5 (5,690 points)
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    Feb 11, 2013 1:43 PM (in response to Eriksimon)

    Eriksimon wrote:


    Wow, my inbox reveals it's been quite an ironic sort of mayhem the past hours or so...

    But, on the upside, there's a link for every occasion.



  • chorleyman Level 4 Level 4 (1,415 points)
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    Feb 11, 2013 2:14 PM (in response to The Art Of Sound)

    Mmm - ataraxia - if only...


    People's regard for each other would be entirely different - I suppose we can but live in hope for the future..


    I actually reported the OP because I figure that, if he's so adamant that Lounge Lizard came as part of the Logic installation, his installation source must be suspect. There could, of course, be other reasons for whatever has happened in his experience, but we'll never know if he doesn't want to or can't explain it.


    Obviously we've all been confused on many occasions, so I can understand frustration, but its no good if it extends to some kind of attack as a defence mechanism.

  • The Art Of Sound Level 5 Level 5 (5,690 points)
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    Feb 11, 2013 5:30 PM (in response to chorleyman)

    +1 Chorleyman...


    If I were to give the OP the benefit of the doubt... I'm guessing that maybe he was given a demo copy of LL along with Logic Pro when he purchased it... as some form of "added Bonus' pack that are sold by some stores from time to time.... and doesn't remember installing it separately... but like you said, we will never know now..

  • Pancenter Level 5 Level 5 (7,505 points)
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    Feb 11, 2013 6:48 PM (in response to chorleyman)

    This place is teeming with people using pirated software, sorry to say. I've done beta and online support work for the "other" German DAW company years ago when it was the most pirated software on the net, you can usually spot them by, 1. A grand defense, 2. Disregard for the software, a lack of respect for the hard work and intelligence that goes into programming programs like Logic, Cubase, DP, PT...etc. I would venture a guess that almost half of the new posters are using pirated software, either 3rd party plugins or Logic itself. When you see new posters come on and don't want to upgrade their 9.0 version of Logic... it's because they CAN'T!


    I worked on the beta team of one of the pioneer MIDI software/hardware companies.. great people.. they gave us "Encore" but were eventually forced out of business, not by Finale.. but by rampant pirating of their software.. I knew pros that were using pirated copies of Encore. It was a sad day when they closed their doors.


    About a year and a half ago I checked with people that were either paid clients or people I'd help setup systems.. if they were using pirated software I ditched them, I went from having 18 paying clients (it's a sideline) to 11. Then found out one of them was lying using a pirated copy of Logic, so now it's 10.


    What aggravates me is Apple apparently doesn't care as long as users purchase Macs... that's where they make their money anyway. People that steal software should not be enabled by this or any other professional Forum.

  • Pancenter Level 5 Level 5 (7,505 points)
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    Feb 12, 2013 5:48 PM (in response to Giovanni5000)

    Ahhh yes, the old standby..  blame "the man".  It's only a corporation they don't care about us, we're the poor little guys. Which is the b.s. that most use to justify their behavior.


    The fact is I've known real people that have been hurt by software piracy.. yes, a corporation like Apple can absorb it, in fact, they don't mind it as it sells computers, this isn't always the case however, smaller companies don't have the luxury of billions in the bank.


    As for defeating the purpose of this forum, more b.s. This and other forums are enriched by not having software thieves around. These are user forums, it takes time to answer questions, most of those replying to questions would like to answer from serious users trying to learn the program rather than software thieves complaining that their cracked software isn't working right.

  • Pancenter Level 5 Level 5 (7,505 points)
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    Feb 12, 2013 10:38 PM (in response to Giovanni5000)

    Giovanni5000 wrote:


    Sadly still, you have no valid point.


    I have paid for every piece of software in my possession. I am part of the industry and make it a point to do so, unlike others I have seen. If I happen to have a trial version of something that I'm not using, that is because the trial has expired and I cannot use it, not because I have a "cracked version." You automatically assume that people are exploiting the software industry by obtaining it illegally, and it's not fair to those of us who choose to pay for what we have.


    Also, it is wrong to make accusations and insinuate illegal activity based on paranoid assumptions.

    Try to think a few moves ahead before you jump to conclusions about a person whom you know nothing about.


    If I wanted to, I could pursue legal action against someone who is falsely accusing me of breaking the law, as it harms my character and reputation. You are treading on thin ice here by repeatedly mentioning illegal activity being perpetrated by me or anyone else without substantial justification. (You are repeatedly bringing up pirated software, so you obviously have an axe to grind - and I will gladly go to a legal arena to resolve the situation, if you are in any way saying that it involves me personally.)


    I keep reading about "pirated software, and software theft," in your responses, so lets go there, by all means. The legal arena would be the best place to resolve any questions or accusations you may have, and I will gladly appear before any court of law and state my case.


    I didn't mention illegal activity by anyone in particular, I don't know you or care about what you do or do not do.

    I asked you a legitimate question, what are you doing with it?


    If you're such a pro surely you know where it came from.


    And it's already been proven there are people here using cracked illegal software, a lot of people.


    And I'll say pretty much whatever I want, if the mods here don't like it they'll dump my post and send me a little note. At least I offer help to those who are in need and don't have their head up their arse.


    So go get your lawyers.. this thread speaks for itself.

  • Eriksimon Level 6 Level 6 (10,430 points)
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    Feb 13, 2013 1:43 AM (in response to Giovanni5000)

    Giovanni5000 wrote:


    Give it a rest, grow up, put your energy into something productive.


    Maybe take your own advice, too. It seems that all your anger (why?) is a symptom of exactly what you accuse PC (and others) of. In other words, all your "defenses" read as if you are talking to yourself.

    If I am accused of something I know I'm innocent of, I just shrug my shoulders (unless it would land me in jail, luckily I was never one of the Guildford four).

    So all your indignation and hard work trying to disprove something you were never accused of, seems overkill. I know someone from Italy (Silvio) who even tries to change the law to prove how innocent he is. Are you like that? And how can you write peaceful songs if you are angry or indignated all the time? And how angry will you be if you encounter REAL bastards, you know, if you'd happen to live in some dictatorial country where the powers that be can throw you in jail or even execute you without any scrupules...? Or do you prefer wasting anger and energy on this rather insignificant forumdiscussion...?


  • Eriksimon Level 6 Level 6 (10,430 points)
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    Mar 10, 2013 4:31 AM (in response to Giovanni5000)


  • The Art Of Sound Level 5 Level 5 (5,690 points)
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    Mar 10, 2013 10:55 AM (in response to Giovanni5000)

    Giovanni5000 wrote:


    It came bundled with Logic when I ORIGINALLY PURCHASED LOGIC from Apple.


    Followed by....


    I bought a Presonus Firebox to interface with my Macbook, for recording.

    Included with the Firebox was a "Propak Software Suite" disk.

    On the disk is: Reason Adapted 4, Sony Acid Express, etc etc, and finally, LOUNGE LIZARD SESSION.




    So now you finally admit that LL never actually came with Logic nor was it ever a part of Logic......  which of course, we all knew and kept trying to tell you... but hey, that's okay.. Hope you feel better now!

  • chorleyman Level 4 Level 4 (1,415 points)
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    Mar 10, 2013 3:49 PM (in response to Giovanni5000)

    You could just admit that you were making wrong assumptions in the first place (the evidence is all there above).


    Its not that big of a deal really, we're all wrong sometimes - its often a way of learning, you don't have to make anything more out of it...


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