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I'm running a 1TB (2008) TC (firmware 7.6.1) on an ethernet cable to a Mac Pro. About every 2 weeks or so the backup goes nuts. It normally  takes 3-5 minutes to run but starting in December (after an update I think) it will show coping 2-3 GB in the console log but then doesn't stop. I've erased the .vt100 file on the TC but eventually I have to just erase the TC or it will simply create two complete copies of the HD. I can't find any tool to check the TC's HD, so I stop the backup, erase the HD (zero it) and start over, which takes 17-18 hours. Any clues or ideas to troubleshoot the problem, besides the obvious, it's the software or the TC itself.

Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I would be highly suspicious of a TC of that age..


    It has lived long past its compatriots which mostly died at 2years..


    The 1TB drive itself is excellent Hitachi but they run hot as blazes.. inside the TC it must be roasting at the end of 17hours of backing up.


    Frankly I think it is just time for a new solution.. on a pro.. plug in an external drive. You can remove the disk from the TC and run it as an airport extreme for the meantime until it dies.

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    Thanks, I've suspected the TC for awhile, but the problem has been intermittent until December when it's every 1-2 weeks. I'm running nightly backups on a LaCie 2 TB HD and two original PPC HD's (yeah, two 2006 HD's still running in an external box), so the TC is just for occasional use during the day. I'm curious why Apple or anyone doesn't have any tools to check the TC's HD. All the third party apps (eg. Tech Tool) won't recognize it and neither does the Disk Utility.

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    You cannot use a tool on a network drive.. only the local OS can do it. In the case of the TC that is NetBSD but Apple have given you very limited access to the tools in the firmware. To do the job you need to extract the HDD and plug into the local computer.


    There is an exception .. you can check a mounted sparsebundle. As that is a virtual disk.


    See A5 http://pondini.org/TM/Troubleshooting.html


    That is a bit meaningless if the issue is the hard disk itself though.

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    Thanks. Since it's a sealed box, so removing isn't much an option unless I use it in the new box, and the sparebundle has always checked ok. It's been hard to test whether it's the HD or backup software since the backup software has evolved and the problems changed along with it. The latest update improved something but I wonder if it created this problem since it's new from the update.

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    IMHO.. after repairing 200 or so Time Capsules.. the firmware advances since 7.5.2 at least on the early ones.. are pointless.. If you need what is in the latest firmware buy a new TC.


    Go back to 7.5.2 on Gen1 TC.. it simply works better.


    And yes, 7.6.3 looks like bug zoo.. one wonders what passes for testing at Apple now.