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I am unable to connect to the internet with either the AirPort or direct ethernet connection to my Macbook Pro (running OS 10.6.8). When I check the Network settings under System Preferences, the Airport shows I am connected (with the green indicator) as does the ethernet which I am directly connected to. I have two different networks at home that are working just fine since there are other computers and devices connected and I'm also posting this new discussion through it. I've tried connecting the AirPort to both networks, and nothing seems to work. The AirPort says it's working (with "Connected" and the green indicator) and the wireless signal is at full strength. When I ran the Network Diagnostics for the AirPort, my Network Status indicators show that the Airport, AirPort Settings, Network Settings, ISP are working with the green indicator. However, the Internet and Server are not. The indicators are red and say "Failed".


I have tried the following and none of them seem to work:

- restart

- turn on/off

- connecting the ethernet cable directly

- restart (with CNTRL+COMMAND+R+P)

- removing the AirPort and adding it again in the Network settings

- connecting to different network at my friend's place


I've trolled the discussions threads and I can't seem to find a solution. Does anyone have any recommendations on what I can do?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Firstly, use one or the other method to connect to the Internet. Forget connecting wirelessly for the moment. If you cant connect using the Ethernet cable, take your machine to Apple. Once that is sorted out, we could look at connecting wirelessly.

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    Thanks JohnTH. I am aware of the some of the other methods as I have tried the ones I listed, even  directly connecting to different networks that are working. I have entertained the option to take my machine to the store, but since my warranty literally just expired, I'd rather not go that route unless it is a last resort. Great timing.


    Before I absolutely have to take it in, I'm wondering if it's just a configuration or reset change that I haven't found. Of course, if the hardware no longer works, I have to replace the hardware. I'm hoping that it doesn't come to that. As I said before, any other methods that are recommendations would be great.

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    Actually, I wouldnt know where exactly to start from if the machine cant connect to the Internet when connected directly via the Ethernet cable.


    To isolate the problem, start with another place geographically with another router altogether. You're connected directly via the Ethernet cable to the router. Does this work? If not, how about wirelessly?

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    Ohlau, I have similiar issue and wonder what the heck to do now...

    Can ping anything via address or hostname, but only resolve a few web addresses in Firefox. All other sites and browsers dead in the water

    I am running 10.6.8 - latest update

    I have Firefox, Safari, Chrome

    I have checked DNS and added


    Release/Renew DHCP

    Restarted after changes etc...

    I have tried at home, corporate network, at hotel...eliminating the router as a cause

    I've removed the battery...

    I've delete systemconfiguration in Preferences

    The weird thing is that I can open facebook and get updates in firefox and one other site. Otherwise ALL other browsers and sites are dead


    I've tried many of the fixes in the forum but am clueless as to what to try next.. I'm sunk here


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    hey bud.... you might give this a try...