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since i updated my iphone 4s to ios 6.1 i want to use the safari sync feature.


i configured everything (on phone & mac & no, i'm not in private surfing mode) and since i start mobile safari it tries to sync the data, but it never ends. the little sign next to the wifi signal is spinning and spinning. and that before i even typed a link in.


on my macbook pro (10.8.2, 17'', 2009, coreduo 3.06) i then get tons of error messages like this:


07.02.13 17:59:14,255 apsd[191]: <APSConnectionNotificationQueue: 0x7fad3b8bd490>: outstanding count -1 for com.apple.apsd-queue-port=com.apple.safaridavclient.push-user=501-env=productio n


i googled around but didn't find anything (of course i tried icloud safari sync on & of, restart safari, restart macbook, repair rights etc).


the strange thing is, with myupdated ipad (ios 6.1) bookmarks get synced (but open tabs not).


any helpful suggestions out there?



icloud tab sync.jpg

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1, ipad 3 3G, macbook pro 10.8.2