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One of the most useful features from my former email client, Powermail, had was mail clippings. As a user, I could store as many slugs of type, from a signature to several paragraphs as individual clippings that appeared in a pulldown list by title next to the message field. This allowed users like me to quickly respond to my different customers who require the same response over and over again quickly and easily. I had over 50 clippings and used them frequently. I have made due in Apple Mail by using the Signatures feature but it pales in comparison. Has anyone ever considered such a plug-in for Apple Mail? Does a third-party plug-in exist?

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    Why is Powermail your "former" email client?


    Text clippings have always been a part of OS X. Select a string of text from just about any application  and drag it to the Finder. A file called a text clipping is created. It can be dropped into any text-editing window, including a new Mail message. It wouldn't be a menu, but you can keep a folder of text clippings handy for whenever you are composing a message (or any other document where they might be useful).

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    Powermail is my former email client because as I said, they are not planning ot update it for future OS upgrades. It's been a little buggy for me lately and support has been slow. I realize that OS X has text clippings but this is slightly different. I do not want to wade through over 50 different blocks of text outside of Mail jsut to locate the right response. Powermail allowed me to do it wil a pulldown menu right inside the message window in seconds. I tried attaching an image but the forum fails to allow me to do so.

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    I have used TextExpander  for some time now.

    I am not fully up-to-date as the newer version has functions I don't use.


    I use it with Apple Support Communities so most have some  HTML bits it them.

    You create templates of text and pics in some cases.

    You label it and give it an Abbreviation you are not likely to type in normal circumstances.


    Example Pic


    If I type ppram but in Upper case then it would add the following


    <p>I would also try a PRAM reset.</p>

    <p>Shut down the computer.</p>

    <p>Restart it holding down Apple/CMD (&#63743; or &#8984;)+ALT( &#8997;)+P+R Keys until you have heard three Start Up Bongs.</p><br>


    <img src="http://img.skitch.com/20091005-mywujtjtumwycuj5swehhmrna1.png" alt="PRAM Keys"/>

    I would have switched to HTML mode to do this.

    The &# bits are unicode for symbols found on the Apple keyboard.


    Apple no longer allow calling of Pics from external sources so this img tag no longer works.


    There are presets in the Utility.

    Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 21.35.01.png

    This is a "Sig" with a Pic added in the utility  (this works Locally in app on your computer).


    The Sig and text block I use here is kept in TextExpander.

    I only have to re-add the pic each time due to the changes here

    Green and grey text, Post time and pic


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