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My iPhone 5 was thrown against a wall and busted open.  The front half was barely connected to the back half, the screen was black, but lights were still on and it still made noise. I stupidly pulled it apart completely so there is no reactivity at all. Based on pictures I've seen of the inside hardware, it doesn't look in too bad of shape except for one thing. At the very top right there's a metal square, and directly next to it I have like three black "tag-like" things sticking out all on top of each other stemming from the same place.  The very bottom was says "76 mk" on it and a bunch of different numbers, the middle one has numbers on one side, a brownish end, and a metal chip thing on the other side, and then there's the outer one with nothing on it that looks like it potentially might have been broken off.  I don't know if this is making any sense at all, but any techy people out there, is there anything I can do to fix it up enough so I can plug it into my computer and get my stuff (photos, contacts, etc.) off of it by doing a backup. 


Else, if it is completely dead... Is there a way to remove where the memory is stored and someone retrieve it?


Thank you much!

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