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Got a txt of Vodafone sayings ios 6.1.1 is ready to be downloaded, connected my phone up to back up then I download the update. Everything going fine until, the connect to iTunes screen comes up on my phone. Then an error comes up saying phone cannot be restored (-1), so I disconnect and reconnect, download the update again and the same error comes up. I've ran a diagnostic test on iTunes and it says my phone isn't connected, so I've changed USB, but when I connect my phone iTunes will load automatically. Ran the two test through command prompt (syncing phone via windows) and they were fine as well. Date & time are right, Internet is fine, and I'm sure my anti virus isn't blocking anything. Restarted the computer and phone and still comes up with the same error. I am tempted to connect my phone to my MacBook and having it restored on their, but I haven't synced it with my mac for ages as I normally use windows. I have no idea why this is happening!

MacBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)