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Hello all--- last night when I threw my computer in my work bag I also put my power water on top of it thinking it was tightly sealed, well it wasn't and now my macbook will charge the battery and make a scruffing sound when I turn it on. The apple store without even looking at it said it would cost me $750 to fix it---is there anything that anyone on this forum can recommend???

MacBook, iOS 6.1.1
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    Unfortunately you may have cooked your goose. When you spill water on a notebook computer, you need to dry it thoroughly before trying to turn it on. Some have placed the notebook in a sealed bag with lots of rice to absorb water vapor. Others have tried to heat the notebook to dry it out. Others have just let it sit for days with as much of the computer open as possible, facing so any water can drip out.


    If you turn it on while there is still water inside, electricity shorts where it's not supposed to, and a bad situation gets worst.


    At this point. turn it off, and let it sit to dry out. Warm it up if you want (don't use a heat gun and melt something, though), bag it with rice if you want. And in a couple of days try it again. However, you may need to pay Apple for the fix (if you want to keep it).