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Hi everyone. Looking for some light here. I don't know scripinting but need to create either an service, workflow or application from Automator to do this:


During a week I create several files to the printing house. I usually work from the editable (master) file. From there I create a high quality PDF. Afterwards I create a High res JPG (300 dpi - cmyk), and a low res JPG file (75 dpi - RGB). I add LOW to the file name to the low res JPG. As a result I have this example files:


1) newspaper ad 15x35.ai

2) newspaper ad 15x35.pdf

3) newspaper ad 15x35 LOW.jpg

4) newspaper ad 15x35.jpg


So for every master file I create 3 more files. During an average week I generate an average of 40 master files, resulting 160 files! All mixed in one single project folder. When I finish my work, I copy the file name from my AI document, and then manually I select this for files and move them into the file. Doing this for 5-8 master files is ok, but some weeks we have a huge amount of file and really need a way to automate this.


What I need is to create a new folder with the exact name of my AI document, and then move the rest of the files to that new folder, resulting this:


(folder) newspaper ad 15x35

inside) newspaper ad 15x35.ai

inside) newspaper ad 15x35.pdf

inside) newspaper ad 15x35 LOW.jpg

inside) newspaper ad 15x35.jpg


Note that there is one file which has the LOW word added. Anyone has a clue how to achieve this with automator?

Thanks in advance!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)