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Hello, I recently updated my ios to 6.1.1 (iPhone 4s Vodafone uk), had a lot of trouble last night as my phone wouldn't install the ios and wouldn't restore to the last backup. Spoke to AppleCare and they helped me out, but my phone still wasn't restoring on my windows computer (I normally sync using windows). So I then connected my phone to my MacBook as a last resort and the update and restore worked fine. Only problem is that the last time I backup my phone on my MacBook was around November 2011, so I have lost a fair bit of data. I have now connected my phone to my windows computer, and now I'm a bit worried to whether I should restore my backup & iCloud backup on the windows computer onto my phone, my last backup on my windows computer was done last night (12/2/2013). Will all my data be restored back to last night and will the ios 6.1.1 still remain?



MacBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)