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I use Remote Desktop to administer student laptops.  I have two Macbook Pros that I administered under a different instance of Remote Desktop.  Now access is denied to these computers, and they still read as being administered by the previous instance. 


I changed the network name of my computer after adding these two computers, and now I cannot administer them under the new name and IP.

Remote Desktop Admin, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Have you tried deleting and re-adding the client?


    If you can not add the client back, what IP dose the client have? do you see another computer record in ARD with that IP?


    if there is no other record with that IP, dose the user/pass your using on the client work on the client directly?


    If you look at client in system preference sharing, is remote management enabled? is the accunt your using set to be allowed to remote connect? Including the options?


    Is the firewall off or on on the clent?

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    in ARD try right clicking on them and changing the login and password

    perhaps you have the wrong login wrong and password entered


    I've also seen ARD "bounce" and refuse to add a machine

    to fix have a look at the ip address of the machine you're trying to add

    look in all computers and change the IP address of the existing computer

    to something different (right click it)


    then go back an add the machine that ARD refused