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This one is a bit of a doozy, and it seems I've exhausted all that the Apple Support and Google searches can offer. My goal, as stated in the title, is to get a set of old music onto a old replacement hard drive and my  iPod Touch.


The conflict that started it all was the hard drive that held my music cracked and failed to recover any data. Since then, I have had to replace the hard drive in my MacBook Pro with an older hard drive that currently is running OS X 10.6.8


The only remaining files I have for my music lay in my very outdated, very low-charge 30GB iPod Classic. What I thought I needed to do is mount my iPod onto the desktop and replace the iTunes library with the one in my iPod as the official support recommends. However, whether it be the outdated iPod model or that I am running 10.6.8, I cannot see or find a disk mounted anywhere on the computer.


If anyone has any helpful pointers, it would be greatly appreciated to let them be known to me. Thanks in advance, and if any other spec details are needed, I can offer them at any time.

iPod classic, Mac OS X (10.6.8)