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My 160GB iPod Classic tends to skip over certain songs without even playing them. The same songs play perfectly through iTunes on my laptop, but never on my iPod. I've tried deleting the songs and readding them, and the same thing still happens. I even tried to restore my iPod to see if that would fix it, but turned out with the same results..nothing. I was trying to go through all my songs recently on my iPod so that I can write down which songs it's doing it to, but near the end of my song list, it just started to do it to all of the songs. Did it to at least 50 in a row (and to songs that I knew worked perfectly before). It's becoming very frustrating not being able to listen to certain songs while going about my day. Pretty sure that's what an iPod/MP3 player is for..to play music.

If anyone could please help me out in trying to fix this problem, that would be greatly appreciated since I've tried what feels like everything out there on my own.