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Hi All,

I am having a problem with my classic, it keeps pausing/stops playing for a second then plays again from where it stopped, its random and the songs can play fine next time, it's quite annoying, I've hard reset, restored it but still the same, I've also went on the diagnostics page mentioned here and mine says

Retracts: 0

Reallocs: 0

Pending Sectors: 0


it is 99% of the time used in my car plugged into a Pioneer Car Stereo with the dock connector cable, however it pauses with headphones plugged in as well.I can't see it being a hard drive problem as the iPod has hardly been used as I played most of my music in my car through my iPhone (3, 3g and 4), however since upgrading to iPhone 5 with the new connector, I've reverted back to using my iPod in the car. I've also checked on iTunes and the songs play fine

It's formatted to Windows

Can someone help, thanks guys appreciate any help


iPod classic, Windows 7