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Hi there,


Previously, I was on Snow Leopard & I just upgraded to Mountain Lion on the new slim iMac.


Previously, when I upload big files to vimeo, I leave it alone for a while, then when I came back, the screen would be blank/black (I henceforth called this blank/black screen as "sleep", which I am not sure if it is the correct terminology), I just shake the mouse & the computer woke up and the upload would usually be finshed or almost finish.


Now, I did the same thing but when I came back, the blank/black screen cannot wake up by shaking the mouse. In fact, it only woke up if I click on the mouse. And when it woke up, the upload did not finish. In fact, it had stopped uploading when it as asleep & only continue to upload after I click the mouse to wake it up.



How do I wake it up by just shaking the mouse instead of having to click it



How do I make it to continue uploading even though it is in blank/black state


Thanks for your help.



15.4, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 27" iMac - 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 1GB ATI Radeon HD, i5 QuadCore