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I'm running Windows 7 under Bootcamp on a 13" MacBook Pro w/Retina.  The frustrating problem is with the keyboard and trackpad.  They keyboard seems to cause the cursor to jump around unpredictably.  For example, filling out a form on a web page could cause the cursor to suddenly jump to a different field, even in the middle of filling out one of the fields.  Even using Outlook or Word, I could be typing text in the body and then suddenly find my cursor is up in the font size field.  I'm not sure if it's a character combination that's causing this issue, as it seems to be random.  All I know is that it makes typing an adventure on frustration.


The Trackpad just seems to lack fluiding.  The cursor will suddenly appear to "stick" in some places.  If I try to hit the "X" to close an application, it may stick on one side or jump to the other.  It's difficult to be precise using the Trackpad.  If I use the Magic Mouse, then the cursor is quite smooth.  The Trackpad just doesn't flow very well.


Anyone else have issues like these?