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  • 15. Re: iTunes 11 deletes newly added m4v and mp4 video files!
    dnolno Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I too can not import mp4 files. I have done all what has been mentioned in this disscusion like installed quick time and turning off settings in the STORE tab in preferences and then go to import folder to itunes. they start to load and then nothing apears. they do not show up in home videos or movies or even recently added. I know that sometimes it does work as ive imported some mp4 files before and they appear in home videos but im trying to do the very same thing with a new bunch of mp4s and they dont appear. I cant get me head around it.

    Why hasnt the biggest company in the world (Apple) fixed this annoying problem. With All that money they make every day why cant they hire some great programmers to de bug iTunes.




  • 16. Re: iTunes 11 deletes newly added m4v and mp4 video files!
    eded338 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    windows 7 user here, I had the same problem.. i could drag and drop old torrent MP4 files but not the new one i have.

    So i left-click opened the properties of old/new mp4 files to compare. I realised  the under 'General' tab - 'Attributes' - 'Read Only' is tick-ed at the new MP4 file, after i un-check the 'Read Only', i am able to drag and drop the MP4 file to itunes again.. i therefore check on other new MP4 files and un-checked 'Read Only' and it works too..


    i must have screw up on some setting that the newly downloaded MP4 files 'Read Only' is always 'tick-ed', remove it and it allows to drag and drop again..

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