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Am trying to install Windows 7 on Mac Mini (Mid 2011) OS X Mountian Lion (10.8.2) - 2.3GHz/i5/4GB/500GB with external optical drive attached. Using Windows 7 Ultimate (on USB Flash Drive) and Windows Support Software (on separate USB Flash Drive), as the external optical drive is not recognized when Boot Camp restarts to begin installation process. Here are some issues I am having:


  1. Going through BCA, when selecting the new partition to install on (Disk 0 Partition 4 BOOTCAMP), the warning of "cannot be installed...", so I select  Drive Options (advanced)/Format. Drive is reformatted to the NTSF, but loses the BOOTCAMP name. (Reformats to UNTITLED);
  2. Installation of Windows 7 proceeds, until after its third restart and the color bar with the light burst at its center appears at the bottom of the screen with messages stating "Preparing....". The computer then reboots and starts this endless boot loop.
  3. As it never gets to the part where the Windows Support Software is engaged, can I have both the Windows 7 Ultimate installation and the WSS on the same USB?

I have been researching this issue, but with no difinitive solutions (other than snarky "You obviously didn't read the prior post for this issue..." & "Don't people READ previous posts?" responses.), other than one rude reply saying this was a known issues and there is a fix/driver for it, but no reference as to where this fix resides.


Please if anyone has a solution, I would be very grateful for serious and considerate answers. If you feel the need to be rude/snarky/downright unhelpful, don't reply. This is a community help page, not your venting page.


Thank you in advance for all serious replies.



Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Mid 2011, i5 Core, 4GB/500GB