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Using MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard. Itunes has recently starting misbehaving:



I close iTunes using the 'X', then click on 'Itunes' at the top of my screen and select 'Quit Itunes'. I see a progress bar saying 'Saving Itunes..' then it closes.


Couple of seconds go by and Itunes reopens!


I have to repeat the process maybe 5 or 6 times for it to stop!


If I try to 'Shut Down' this gets stopped by 'Itunes'!



If I delete any playlists (right-click on playlist and select delete) from Itunes and then reimport the library, all the playlists reappear.


How to permamently delete playlists?

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2009), Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Try closing iTunes by selecting close iTunes from menu missing out first step.


    What do you mean reimport library? Why do you need to reimport library.


    Launching iTunes should open last save library.



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    Hi Jim,


    Tried closing iTunes by 'Quit iTunes' but after 'Saving iTunes library' I get 'Loading iTunes library' and iTunes re-opens.


    As for 'reimporting library', I regularly add songs to my music folder and they don't automatically appear in iTunes so rather than import individual songs I just reimport the whole music folder.


    Bear in mind that I don't have iTunes managing my music. Also, the music is stored on an external drive. The iTunes folder is on my Mac internal hard-drive (including music libary).


    By the way, also noticed that:

    Apps are deleted from the apps folder and when they reappear when I reimport the library.

    Also, playlists that are deleted also reappear when I reimport the library.


    Hope that helps,


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    This is happening to me too. It's very annoying, i can't close itunes no matter how many times i close it. There must be a solution for this.

    These 2 ppl also have the same issue:





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    Closing iTunes seems to have been resolved but only by backing everything up and doing a full rinstallation of the OS, remembering to fully update everything before loading the latest version of iTunes.


    The problem I am still having and cannot resolve is.....I have a dozen or so old and obsolete playlists. I right-click on them and delete. If I reimport my music library the playlists reappear.


    So, I have deleted the playlist by going to Music>iTunes>iTunes Library.itl and deleting it.


    Go back to ITunes and the Library has recreated itself and th playlists are back!


    Done a search for all locations for the iTunes Library.itl and iTunes Music Library.xml, deletd them, emptied them from the Trash, restarted iTunes and reimported the music only for the playlists to reappear!


    Also noticed that if I right click a song in iTunes and delete, I get a question asking if I also want to trove the song from my Music folder. I click yes but the song does not get deleted!

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    Oops...spoke too soon....Not resolved!


    What I have noticed is that there is a process that seems to be linked to this called RimAlbumArtDaemon. Deleted it and removed the BlackBerry software.


    Itunes seems to now be closing okay....I will cross my fingers and see if this helps with the closing down of iTunes.