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I just lost an entire Tv-series because I accidentally clicked Podcast instead of TV series in the section "Media type"

Now, it's not in the TV, not in the Film and not in the Podcast section of my library. I can't add it again, because It is already in there.

I tried as a test giving "Podcast" as Media type for other films, and they vanished as well.

When I export my library as .xml, and search for the series, it is able to find it, but it shows:



Can someone please help?

Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Any thing more on this? It is driving me crazy

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    I made a similar mistake and am having the exact same problem. While reorganizing my videos I mistakenly selected "Podcast" for a short video and it became completely lost in "iTunes Limbo". The video is not found when using the iTunes search, nor is it visible when I select any category from the Library menu on the left (I'm still using iTunes ver. 10.7 with OS X 10.6.8). Even radically changing the file's name in the Finder and then attempting to re-add to iTunes via File > Add To Library... or just selecting and dragging over made no difference at all. Very frustrating, to say the least!


    The only way I could re-add this video into my library was to:


    1) Quit iTunes and make a back-up of the XML file


    2) Edit the XML using TextEdit to search for and delete the info regarding my video, which in this case was:



                                  <key>Track ID</key><integer>30839</integer>

                                  <key>Name</key><string>ERBoH-Sherlock Holmes vs Batman</string>

                                  <key>Artist</key><string>Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd</string>

                                  <key>Album Artist</key><string>Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd</string>

                                  <key>Genre</key><string>Music Video-Comedy</string>

                                  <key>Kind</key><string>MPEG-4 video file</string>


                                  <key>Total Time</key><integer>168461</integer>


                                  <key>Date Modified</key><date>2013-02-15T03:57:03Z</date>

                                  <key>Date Added</key><date>2013-02-15T03:43:34Z</date>

                                  <key>Bit Rate</key><integer>289</integer>


                                  <key>Artwork Count</key><integer>1</integer>

                                  <key>Series</key><string>Epic Rap Battles of History</string>


                                  <key>Sort Name</key><string>ERBoH-Sherlock Holmes vs Batman</string>

                                  <key>Sort Series</key><string>Epic Rap Battles of History</string>

                                  <key>Persistent ID</key><string>33C6587F9238A951</string>

                                  <key>Track Type</key><string>File</string>



                                  <key>Has Video</key><true/>


                                  <key>Video Width</key><integer>1920</integer>

                                  <key>Video Height</key><integer>1072</integer>


                                  <key>Location</key><string>file://localhost/Volumes/External%201 /Movie%20Library/iPad%20Size/Epic%20Rap%20Battles%20of%20History/ERBoH-Sherlock% 20Holmes%20vs%20Batman.m4v</string>

                                  <key>File Folder Count</key><integer>-1</integer>

                                  <key>Library Folder Count</key><integer>-1</integer>



    3) Open the video in QuickTIme Player and resave if from .m4v to .mov


    Only after I did this could I re-add this video into my iTunes library, then download it to my iPad (it plays fine).


    Obviously this is not the ideal solution; It doesn't resolve why iTunes won't find the "lost" video since it does appear in the XML file, plus converting multiple or many videos to another file format may not an ideal solution for most people. This was just a "band aid" approach that worked for me in this instance.


    If anyone has any additional information regarding this problem please share it!


    Thanks in advance!