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How to check App Store gift card balance?

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    I too am trying to figure this out.  Is there a way to check the balance of a GC without associating it with an account?

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    Mr. Luigi Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Me too.  I was given an Apple Store Gift Card as a present, but the value of the card was not written down anywhere.  I feel uncomfortable asking the person who gave it to me, but can't find out a way to simply know what the card is worth without entering into a purchase.

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    Found the answer!  Go here:




    Go to bottom and click on "Check the Balance of a Gift Card."


    Sign in.


    Enter card number and pin.


    Pray for a large number. 

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    If I enter the pin, because it required me to log in to my account first, will it automatically apply the balance to my account, or will the balance still remain on the card so that I can still give it as a gift?

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    Hi LOuis T,


    If you have an APPLE STORE gift card, the answer is no.  There is no account I am aware of for the value of these cards to go to. (Unless it's one of the new Apple Store gift cards that you can use in the new Passbook App.  I've never used one if those, but I suspect you have to do something very obvious to include the value of that kind of Apple Gift card in Passbook.)


    If you are talking about an iTUNES GIFT CARD, then I still believe the answer is no.  When you find out the value of an iTunes Gift  I believe there is a specific step where Apple asks if you want to apply the value of the card to your iTunes account.  (I may be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure this is how it works). Also, if you are talking about an iTunes Gift card, and its value was applied to your account, then you will see the amount of money in your iTunes account changed to reflect that transaction.  The money in your iTunes account is displayed when you sign into the iTunes Store.

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    Just to confuse things more, when I experienced this, I had wanted to buy "Logic Pro 9", a audio package, that is one of 2 or 3, preffered by the recording industry.


    I previously, purchased "Final Cut Pro X", by going to Apple's site and searching for it there.  This is where they sale all their big ticket hardware and their accessories, like a Macbook Pro or a iPhone.


    So I saved what I needed and it included several gift cards, the same kind I used to purchase "Final Cut Pro X".


    I went to Apple's site and all I could find was "Logic Studio", which is a suite of tools and "Logic Pro 9", is at the heart of it.


    The page stated that, only "Logic Studio" could be purchased from the "Apple Store" but if you wished to purchase "Logic Pro 9", it could be purchased from the "App Store".


    Get it, "Apple Store", "App Store", no confusion there.


    Well, the "App Store" does not accept gift cards for the "Apple Store".


    I called apple and they confirmed this and when I asked if they would exchange the gift cards I had, for "App Store" gift cards, I was surprised when they said no.


    I have been in far worse situations and Apple, without me even asking or them really being responsible, took care of the problem immediatly, without hesitation.


    So, I saved for a while longer and purchased "Logic Studio" from the "Apple Store", rather than purchasing "Logic Pro 9" from the "App Store".


    Now, after the fact, I'm glad I did purchase "Logic Studio".


    As for redeeming the "Apple Store" cards, you do that when checking out and I don't think it requires an account, but I would suggest having one and registering anything you purchase or you will not get any support.


    I have had good experiences with Apple support, but they are picky about their rules being followed.


    So make sure you know which store, sells the items you want, before purchasing the gift cards.


    There are 3 different stores, 2 of which are just for differentiating what you will find there, in my oppinion.  I also believe, it is necessary to have a single account, used at both stores, due to the focus upon convenience, when they were designed.


    The stores are:


    - Apple Store:




    This is where your big ticket hardware items are, as well as their accessories.


    You will also find some software for your Mac there, but not necessarily how you wanted it.


    Gift cards for the "Apple Store", can only be used at the "Apple Store" and they will not exchange them for gift cards at the other 2 stores.



    - App Store


    This, originally, was for applications, written for your iPhone and then iPad and now it appears to include Macs.


    As for gift cards, I don't think I have ever seen one specifically for the "App Store", but I do not purchase much from there or the last store.


    - iTunes Store:


    This is where you purchase music, movies and TV episodes or seasons.


    You see a lot of iTunes gift cards, even when you don't purchase much from there.


    As for redeeming them, I have never done so.  But given the convenience iTunes is suppose to provide, you would think you could store them under your account, in your payment methods area.


    So for whatever that is worth, there you go.  I expect that the differentiation between the "App Store" and iTunes Store" will go away, when they notice that the "App" in "App Store", is very similiar to App le's name.

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    Mr. Luigi Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Yep, Pretty confusing stuff mathewsar...


    APPLE STORE...Where you buy Apple hardware (computers, iPhones, etc.), hardware accessories...in general, things sold in the Apple Brick and Mortar Stores.  Gift cards to buy these items are called Apple Store Gift Cards.


    MAC APP STORE...This is where you buy software/applications online FOR YOUR MAC.  It comes with OS 10.7.X.X and OS 10.8.X.X.  It is automatically installed on your Mac's dock and the icon is three pencils in the shape of an "A"


    APP STORE...This is where you buy applications for iDevices.  It's located in the iTunes Store.  You can access the APP STORE on your Mac by going to iTunes and then the iTunes Store or on your iDevice by tapping the "App Store" icon.


    iTunes Gift cards can only be used to buy items from the MAC APP STORE or the APP STORE.  They can not be used to buy items from the APPLE STORE.


    There is also a special gift card called the "iPhone Gift Card."  Not surprisingly, it can only be used to buy an iPhone.


    Personally, I think Apple has created a monster with all the different gift cards and the restrictions and rules on their use.  I think they should chuck the whole thing, create ONE gift card called "The Apple Gift Card", and let customers use it to buy ANYTHING sold by Apple.  Period.

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    There is no pin for my card- I added it to my phone with the card number and that was it.