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Hello everybody,

this is my very first question here. I'm working on a xServe 2009 with Snow Leopard Server on it. The server is connected directly to the internet, via a common DSL modem,  and is used to share internet trough NAT using an Airport Extreme in our internal LAN.

I have to open a port to see an IpCam from the outside.

On the server there are few services running, such as webserver and file sharing, with their port opened.

I have assigned a static IP DnS and a specific port to the IpCam, I opened that port on the firewall by Server Admin page but doing an ip scan to that specific port I always saw that port locked.

I also made a change to the natd.plis file to forward that specific port from outside to the iPcam LAN address but I cannot see anything.


Is there a method to open (or put on listening) a single port (unused) to be sure that port is opened , than try to forward that port to the specific IP address?

Xserve, Mac OS X (10.6.8)