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I really have to say that my PowerPC is still running after all these years I'm very impressed with the hardware and but the design is terrible there is no airflow what so ever it has one fan in the back of the case and then it has one fan blowing air on the heat sink for the processor and they were thinking that the Power Supply that be able to pull off the heat from the heat sink it is a terrible design I'm surprised that the that Power Supply did not have a terrible failure rate I was kind of curious about how hot the heat coming off the Power Supply was it was about 150°Fahrenheit that is, believable considering that I put a high temperature thermal paste on the processor but then again it makes sense because look itthat G5 they made it liquid cooled because they'd knew that over time the computer would overheat and I believe that if you don't have to at least 25 fans inside G4 PowerPC or make it liquid cooled that it will always have to heat problems and hardware failure issues

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