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Hi guys,


Having epic problems installing Snow Leopard on my Mac Mini. It has no optical drive.


Lion install

1. I have a Lion USB stick, and tried to install that. I could get into the EFI screen and see the options. If I choose "install" I get the error message

"No internet connection detected" and it would fail getting additional components.

2. When I plug the internet in (wired or wireless - I also tried several wireless networks) it gets to the same point and just says "cannot locate additional resources"


Snow Leopard install

1. I got an external DVD drive and tried to install from that. I select the Mac OSX DVD option, and the screen hangs. Grey background, apple logo.

2. I made a USB boot disk from the SL DVD - same problem. I select it as a device to boot from and I get the grey background with apple logo.

3. I have checked both DVD and USB in a MacBookPro and both work fine.


Network issue?

I tried again and got a rotating globe and a prompt to connect to wireless. I connected fine, and after 5 mins I got


"apple.com/support -2002D"


Googling this comes up with nothing and searching here just comes back with media errors.


I was assured of software compatibility when I bought the disc, and I even gave the guy my s/n

Mac mini