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  • 60. Re: Error (-50) appeared when downloading video
    shawnjmp Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Edward,


    in my case, my internet options are ok. But my router may experience some timeout issue.


    But even there, there should be a buffering mecanism that keep you alive isntead of popping out an "error 50".  I'm pretty sure that buffering while downloading is an issue with itunes and windows 7 only. Maybe the timeout value is just not high enough.


    But I agree with you about fixing your internet may help in some case. Moreover, increasing you harddisk speed will certainly not hurt. But I don't want to change my gear just because of a software buffering issue. Will rent some blue-ray instead !!! (Or get an apple TV device $$$)



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    romayiii Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm using Windows 7 and tried polopopoo's solution of right clicking iTunes and choosing "Run as administrator" and it worked! Thank you!

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    bjwilson22 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same issue, comes and goes but all started on the last iTunes update. Worked great up until that point. Apple just keeps telling me to clear cache but doesn't seem to be a fix

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    Ok, after months of just dealing with the problem using both a Mac and a PC, I went ahead and put my SBG6580 (Time Warner) modem into bridge mode.  Now I'm routerless and wireless is gone, but at least I don't get the constant errors I got with the router enabled in the modem.  Here's how to put it in bridge mode...


    1.  Unplug the cable from the modem.

    2.  Press the reset button and hold for 30 seconds to reset the modem settings.

    3.  Log into the modem via your browser at using lowercase admin/motorola as username/password.

    4.  Go into Basic - Setup and copy the LAN mac address.

    5.  While you're in Basic, go to DHCP and set DHCP Server to No and click the Apply button.

    6.  Go into Advanced - Options and paste the mac address in the passthrough field and click Add Mac Address.  This allows the modem to bypass the router and talk directly.

    7.  Check the RG Passthrough on the same page and click Apply.  Your modem will reset.  This disables all settings pertaining to the router.

    8.  Once your modem resets and you can get a login prompt at, go ahead and plug your cable back in so the modem can download its settings.  It'll take a couple minutes for it to configure itself and come back online.


    Be sure to invest in a wireless router to protect your system since it's now open.  Putting your modem in bridge mode also disables wireless, so you won't be able to use it; another reason to get a wireless router.


    This morning, before bridging my modem, I was getting -50 and -8008 errors repeatedly on my Mac downloading multiple TV episodes.  After bridging the modem to bypass the router, every file downloaded without one error.


    If you ever want to reverse the process, it's easy.  Just do step 2 (reset the modem) and then configure your Wireless password and port passthroughs, you should be off to the races with the router again.  One note about port passthroughs with the regular router mode on the modem---I found that if you specify a range it must start with 1, not 0.  Even though there is an option for BOTH (TCP and UDP) I found that this option didn't work, I had to add an entry for TCP and UDP separately.

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    stephenfromdelaware Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    One side note... since the router is no longer active, only port 1 works, the others are inactive in bridge mode.

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    Hi All


    I have a fix that worked a treat for me. Apple I hope you are reading this.........


    I had been unable to download any content from the iTunes store without getting this error. After trying absolutely every suggestion on the entire internet to fix this issue, I uninstalled the iCloud control panel. I have not had the error since.


    I was logged into the icloud service with a different account to that of my iTunes account which may or may not be a factor.


    Hope it helps.

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    Like everyone else, have had the dreaded error 50 on movie downloads...have tried 30 to 50 times with movies and some go though ultimately some do not...the only workaround that's worked for me is to download them to my eyephone 5 (slow) and then transfer my purchases to my Itunes on my computer....it's not perfect but it works...Hope that Apple pays heed to all of the comments and gets it fixed.

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    Latest update from my camp...


    No problems at all now.  And I've been buying a boatload of TV shows and movies (going on an extended trip soon, streaming video in hotels is usually dicey at best).


    Same MacBook Air, same service (Time Warner, Ultra-Wide, 50Mbps), via wifi.  I'm also sometimes using my Verizon connection as well.  Same results.  Only difference is I moved across the country, from NYC to L.A. 


    But oddly, also no problems when I'm in Las Vegas (a hotel), just slower is all.


    I will say that I'm now using a different external drive for my iTunes material, a LaCie Thunderbolt drive.  Which, if I remember correctly, some people on this thread had reported the drive as a possible culprit.  Thunderbolt is way fast, so maybe...?

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    I've given up, ever since going to Windows 8 I have had this problem. Not sure if the last iTunes updates contributed or not but I am just **** canning iTunes and using my iPhone to download stuff from the store. I tried every available fix in this thread and others. I won't screw with my router settings or turn it into a bridge as that should not ever have to happen just to allow a movie to be downloaded that I legally paid for.

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    I've gave up on the movies, decided it was just easier to go buy the DVD and forget the aggrevation. I am using my router as a bridge only and plugged in an external router and it didn't fix the problem. It is definitely something with Apple, last summer I downloaded a lot of movie and never had a problem. I am still running the same computer and network and I constantly get the -50 error. The end user should not have to do anything except maybe install software and that is it, no changing their system>

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    While I do believe there is an inherent issue with Apple's code, either server or iTunes or both, I also know for a fact that SBG6580 modems have a crappy router that causes errors with Apple.  Once I disabled the router in the modem and went to bridge mode the errors stopped and I haven't had a problem since.  If you own one of these modems it's most likely your problem.  I agree that we shouldn't have to bridge the modem to fix the problem, but as is always the case in computers, the answer is sometimes not what we want.

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    Using SMC modem and I bridged but still having a problem. What gets me is that it worked pefectly for a few years then. Nothing changed on my computer or network except that I updated itunes and the problems started. In anycase I am now back to buying more DVDs and CDs.

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    And don't forget RipIt! 

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    Just rented 3 movies (which has worked fine before) and now iTunes keeps re-downloading them over and over and over again. I'm up to 4 copies of Starfall, 3 copies of Battle Star Gallatica...etc. I tried the cache clear, reset warnings, wipe download files, etc, etc....Can anyone at Apple write some decent code? aybe they need to hire Microsoft to write iTunes...they seem to get things right eventually instead of getting worse.....Obviously this happens the night before my flight.....

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    that's a "new variation" on what's been happening to me....not a rented movie but a downloaded movie that restarts and never ever gets downloaded...Rise of the Guardians this time...about 30 or attempts to get it to download with Brighthouse's fastest internet...no go...

    Hope it gets fixed...soon...