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I have two monitors (HP 2509m) connected to my Mac Mini.  One goes through the HDMI port and the other via Thunderbolt.  I use convertors/adapters for both.  When I wake up the monitors, some times windows are moved from the right monitor (primary) to the secondary monitor.  It's random and not all windows move.  Only about 4 or 5 do this.  I drag them back to the right side monitor.


I spoke to Apple about it.  They believe that one monitor sometimes wakes up before the other.  They suggested I try chaining the two monitors or using an adapter/splitter into one port on the Mac Mini.


Does anyone have experience with either technique?  Do you believe that will likely solve this issue?

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    Hi, I think they cannot be chained in the normal sense, unless they're Thunderbolt, & then not sure, & pretty sure a splitter won't work for extended Display, only Mirrored.


    Can you swap positions of the Monitors?

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    I concur with BDAqua on both counts.


    Doing it the way some Genius suggested will surely not allow Extended Desktop Mode.


    In addition to swapping the monitors. First try swapping the Main monitor by dragging the Menu Bar to the other monitor using the Displays Arrangements tab and see if that fixes the problem.


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