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I'm thinking of bootcamping my Macbook Retina with using an external dvd drive. (I am solely using windows for gaming). Do I need to keep the external dvd drive attatched when playing windows games, or does everyone just download them digitally off steam/origin. Considering the copy of windows 7 and dvd drive will be around £100 I want to be sure I get it all right before I go ahead. Thanks in advance.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    if a dvd drive with disc connected is required depend on the game

    games bought or validated using steam will not require it


    if your macbook is the 13" version then the only video card is Intel HD Graphics 4000

    which will not impress in terms of gaming compared to the 15" NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 1GB of GDDR5

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    No it's the 15" retina. Do people who game on retinas digitally download the majority of their games the? (via GAME, steam and origin). I've read that the 15" performs rather well under windows when gaming too. Just a pain forking out £100 for everything after spending so much on the machine!

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    As Rudegar says, it all depends on the specific game. If you have a CD/DVD that is required to be present to run it, then you must keep the drive connected. Some games that come on discs can be installed but then use Steam or Origin for validation, thus negating the need for the DVD once installation is completed. These types of installations are helpful if you have limited bandwidth, as you would only be required to download patches, rather than the entire game. Alternatively, any game that's tied to your digital account can simply be downloaded, even those that came with a disc.

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    Thanks for such a detailed answer. Does the Retina work with any dvd drive as well? (I don't want to buy the apple superdrive, rather go for a cheap option). Cheers