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ios 6 not compatible for ipad 1?, ios 6 not compatible for ipad 1?

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  • nyflme Calculating status...

    The problem is that the iPad 1 doesn't run old apps as well as it did in the past. Safari, Netflix, and others began to crash 5 - 10 times daily about 6 months ago. While I can accept the fact that new apps and upgrades might not be geared toward older hardware such as the iPad 1, I'm certainly not going to lay out another $700 just to keep up with the software. If the apps are going to outpace the devices so quickly, then the business model needs to change and hardware prices need to come way down.

  • Stevec1966 Calculating status...

    This is truly disgusting.


    Now we all know that Apple have an equipment redundancy policy.


    Micrososft, for all its faults, provided an app provider still supports it's older software, can always use the old software.  This is the equivalent of saying, Old Access has gone, if you want to continue using new Access, you need to buy both a new computer and a new operating system, after 2 years.


    Well, I bought a 64GB Ipad less than 2 years ago, and for 60% of it's life, I have had issues with is losing data, losing apps, and now it is cancelling apps, because Apple won't, for financial reasons, support the Ipad 1 that they hailed such a fantastic product 2 years ago.


    At over £600, that's £25 per month of use, and with all the hassle, and the fact that I cannot use regular apps, less than that.  Very poor.  If I started a campaign about how outrageous this is for small businesses, would anyone follow me?

  • Phillipwj Calculating status...

    Isnt it time for Apple to come clean?


    1. What are their intentions for Apples own iPad 1 support? No iOS upgrades (seems likely)? Some further development of ios5 to allow longer app life (very much appreciated)? Some support in terms of security updated (Expected quite frankly!)? Or nothing (most likely of all) ?
    2. MOST importantly perhaps - what about a system which allows for proper management of the customers purchased apps? Allowing them to simply disintegrate over time within iTunes not acceptable in this age of Cloud based delivery and storage and directing customers to Time Machine or backups is not helpful, as it STILL does not provide an easy and robust app management method. With all the automated updates going on (especially if like me you have multiple iOS devices on different iOS versions) customers do not know which app version is the last to be supported for a particular iOS version and have no simple way to ensure those apps are stored somewhere for a rainy day (which seem to be coming more regularly with Apple's current business strategy of automated obsolescence).
    3. Following on from point2, is Apple going to help the developers continue reaping the rewards of their app investments by ensuring us 'obsoletes' are allowed to keep downloading older apps for our older hardware (and I mean re-donwloading already owned ones, or downloading new 'old' apps if you see what I mean). Or, as is currently the practice, simply chop them and us off at the legs once Apple bring out the next shiny gadget or iOs version?


    Come on, cough up Apple (yes that bit caught in your throat!) - if Steve was still around he may well tell us to p--- off, but at least he'd have something to say on the matter, Im sure.

  • knighthere Calculating status...

    First off it doesn't bother me cus Things change, I will just get the new one if need be. I'm unhappy with same ole software. I mad about the small screen on the iphone. I know apple changes products every two to two and half years. I been with that trend since 07. I know that my iPad will one day be outdated. But then I'll upgrade. But as long as it works now, imma keep it until it stop. Then I will upgrade if I see need fit. So stop crying and complaining bout stuff you can't change. Just don't buy it. And some places trade your old devices now.

  • Stevec1966 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Okay, I get your a fan, as you 7 seperate pieces of Apple equipment, so you probably work for Apple, or a super fan, which is fine.  I too insist on buying high end equipment, that is trusted, and premier.


    my point is, is that, from a consumer perspective, 2 years support for a piece of equipment that isnt broken, is not consumer focused.


    How would you feel if this was a car we talking about.  You go to put in a new battery, and they say, you need to buy a new car!


    To say that I am crying, is unnecessary, I would cry if a family member died, I am not crying about an IPad.  But I do care about the ecology, and consumers who buy products expecting support for a reasonable time. As well as my business hardware, my 8 year old servers that have network software from 2003, still get upgrades and don't  have enforced redundancy from Microsoft.


    Also, I don't believe you can't change things, that's why the post has a call to action, for people who care, and people willing to say something.  clearly you aren't and that's okay.  Many people do just accept what happens to them, and blame big business, their parents, their education, or whatever but if people care that Apple have done this ON PURPOSE, then they can choose to take action.


    However, as you clearly think you'll lose the fight, or that we're all on a losing track and that we can't and shouldn't bother doing anything, then if it's alright with you, rather thinking like a loser, I will carry on thinking like the winner I am and will continue campaigning eloquently (using correctly spelled words, or at least spellcheck, and reasonably intelligent grammar) so that those in charge will realise that intelligent people can decide to not make future purchases.


    So this really goes out to busy people, who don't have time to mess around with things that don't work, versus people who have all day betweeen jerry springer shows, to pour scorn on the decisive activities of others.


    Still, my IPad allowed me to reply.


    God bless,

  • nyflme Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well said! While we all understand that technology evolves and we have to move with it, the fanboys don't seem to understand that they're overpaying for products with a very short lifecycle. They are supporting Apple's abuse of its customers by continuing to thoughtlessly shell out hard earned cash for short-lived products. They don't understand that people are not "crying" on this forum. Rather, they are warning Apple that they are on to their game and will not participate in it any more.

  • SteveTVD Calculating status...

    For me it's not so much a philosophical question. Yes, every manufacturer seems to have planned obsolenscense built in. It's a purchasing issue.


    What Apple has told me with this decision is that my iPad 1:

    1. Will have no new apps written for it.
    2. Will have no app updates written for it.
    3. Will have fewer and fewer apps available for it as previous versions of apps are updated to iOS6 and therefore not available to my iPad 1.
    4. Will never increase in it's functionality/useability beyond what it has today.


    I will have to weigh these messages when I decide if I want to buy an Apple product in the future. This means I will spend more time looking for alternative products to fill my needs. I'm a very long term Apple customer. My first PC was an Mac SE, I bought the first iPhone on first day of release and have at least one of almost every iPod ever made.


    I used to buy Apple without much thought, I believed in them. That has now changed. Will I buy fewer Apple products? Time will tell but I certainly now have doubts.


    Good message Apple. Heard lound and clear.

  • whelchers Calculating status...

    Its affected me.  No more updates for my AR Drone.    I guess it is all about the money.  Sorry.  If it smells like a skunk,,,,,,,,,,,,  well you know the rest.  I am a PC convert (to apple) too.  I really thought Apple was on the "up and up".  Figures.  I finally find a product Im proud to show off and this happens.  Thanks a lot.  I've tried, but cant defend this.

  • Calculating status...

    Android or Windows? Android or Windows? Android or Windows? Android or Windows? iOS Not!

  • darsuz Calculating status...

    hey all,


    it is sad they lost intestest in past buyers,we have 2 ipads in our home,  1 and 3     .  after realizing they arent intestested in the in the sale of the first,usually ,I loose interest in supporting them back with continiuing to buy ipad,future generations. simple really. we could try and petition apple to not turn the back on us but at this point,they aren't worth the effort. next purchase , samsung or blackberry . as one previous person said shame on you apple and....stupid.!

  • SteveTVD Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Actually, this may work out to be a good thing. As mentioned in my pervious post, I've been a head-in-the-sand Apple purchaser for over 20 years. This iOS 6 thing has caused me to take a look at the offerings from Android. Wow, kinda impressed with the options.


    In April, my cell contract is up. This means I can change/upgrade my phone. Really thinking about a Samsung. Looking at Android tablets now too. I'll also check out Windows devices, though I really have a dislike of Microsoft, still worth a look. What I'm not looking at is Apple. I know what they're like and now I know a bit more about what I can expect in the Post-Steve days.


    Hey, maybe there will be a question in the Samsung new customer questionaire that reads "Why did you decide on our device". I'll just say "Apple sent me".


    Hey Apple, it's far easier to keep a customer than it is to win one back.

  • free1000 Calculating status...

    I can't ignore yours and darsuz posts because I think you are barking up the wrong tree here bigtime.


    Both of you, and some of the previous posters mention Samsung and how you might migrate to their products.


    Realistically if your reason for dissatisfaction with Apple is the fact that iPad 1 cannot use iOS6 then you will be even more dissatisfied with most of the Android vendors for the very same reason (assuming you get past their inferior product in the first place).


    In the case of Android, some phones don't get an OS upgrade (ever) and tablets are likely to get far fewer upgrades than with iOS.  The reason for this is how Android works. Google produces the base OS and the device manufacturers like Samsung cannot resist adding their own bells and whistles and 'differentiating'  UIs.


    So think about it. Google releases eg: JellyBean and Samsung takes it and adds Samsung-Special-Sauce-2013.  For a start this means that you don't get JellyBean from the off because it takes some time to develop that special sauce. 


    A year later Google brings out their new OS and now Samsung has a choice,  redevelop their Special-Sauce-2013 for the new OS, or... just leave things as they are and bring out that new stuff on the new tablets they want to sell. This goes for all the Android developers other than Google. For the manufacturers like Samsung its an expensive decision to support all the older devices, so often they don't.


    As a result the device manufacturers often orphan their devices well before the 2.5 years it took for the iPad 1. I have a few early Android handsets and some of them were orphaned after a mere 12-18 months (Motorola Droid 1 was something like 24 months and it was an expensive handset).


    If there is a logical place to look for an alternative to Apple its probably the Nexus tablets from Google, because these will get far better support for OS upgrades than eg: Samsung. I have the Nexus 7 and its pretty nice. But you will discover if you go down this route that its not Apple quality, though I actually prefer it for recreational reading because I find its plastic back a bit warmer to hold than an iPad mini.


    This thread is full of very illogical and emotional comments.  Despite some disappointment Apple support their customers better than any company I know. Indeed I just retired a Macbook 12" from active service,  I bought it in 2004. In that time I have paid very little in maintenance and very little for OS upgrades. The same goes with my other Mac laptops. My PC laptops used to end up in a bin after 3 years whereas mine are passed on to Family members to be used for 4,5,6 and even 8 more years.

  • darsuz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    in response to free 1000,


    illogical to some and logical to others. unfortuante apple quality or others involves updating past products and its operating system will always influence me. As well as customer care. if this is illogical to you,that is iokay. it's obvioulsy illogical to apple as well. it's no big deal,just going to loose unhappy customers with the idea of what is proper protocal of obligations to its customers. 

  • free1000 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    But what sense is there in buying a product with worse customer support because you don't like the first one that has better customer support?


    This is known as 'cutting your nose off to spite your face'.


    I've no axe to grind here. The day a better alternative to Apple appears I'll buy it. I'm tracking all the products and buying a Kindle Fire HD 10 next week.


    Just checked,  my iPad 1 still runs many apps I like/need that are not available on Android, no matter which OS!

  • darsuz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    the blackberry playbook is presently outselling ipad in the uk, very educated users  and of plain dollar sense. lot of people are liking the idea of cutting of their noses.  it's ok.  I just just took the ti9me to comment on an obvious issue and many just dump it and switch. It's ok to disagree ,like apple execs might,what does a million customers know.

    ps<  notice my happy face,  has no nose.l

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