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Hi, I'm looking for a pro-tip or shortcut that would allow me to apply the same formatting (or at least the most recent formatting) repeatedly throughout my Pages, Keynote or Numbers documents.


For example, to change various bits of text in a Number document to the same color blue, my only option at the moment seems to be (1.) select the text, (2.) click the color palette in the toolbar ("Click to choose the text color"), (3.) select the color I want - or click two more times ("Show Colors" and use the various palettes or other controls) to select a custom color from the bottom of any "Colors" window. (4.) Repeat these 5 or 6 clicks for every word or title whose color I want changed, and hope I remember exactly which color I used last time (since there's no HEX or RGB values, or even simple names) next to any color.


In Pages, I can keep the Colors palette open and keep selecting the same color - but again, if I have several colors to choose from, or want that dark blue instead of the medium blue right next to it, Pages and Keynote doesn't seem to have an easier option to just repeat formatting.


  • I'd LOVE the ability to do these steps once, and then the next time I select some text, just use a "repeat last formatting" shortcut or something that allows any formatting control to just repeat whatever it did last time.


  • I'd even be happy if the color picker remembered the last selected color and just stayed that color, so I could just click it again and again as needed.


Having moved here from Word, I'm really missing (or simply haven't found) those two features (repeat last formatting, and a sticky color picker).


If anyone has a pro-tip or shortcut solution to this, I'm all ears (or eyes).


Thanks in advance.

Mac OS X (10.6.5)