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I updated my iPad 3 to ios 6.1 (wich was an ordeal) and now the battery life is so much worse! Oh my god!!!

Apple, what is happening!? I spent a lot of money on this product because apple and iOS always were the most realiable, now in every update you have mistakes like 3G not working on iphones and battery life of devices goes to ****!


On my ipad  the battery lasted for so many days that I can't even be sure how many, most of the times i wouldn't even remember the last time I charged the ipad! And this happened with 3G on, wi-fi on 24hours, listening to music for hours and hours, watching videos,etc, really intensive use.


Now, since the last update to iOS 6.1, the battery lasts for 24hours or less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Have to turn on the stand-by time, shift everything to manual sync instead of receveing everything by push, 3G is off, only turn on wi-fi when I need. And still... battery life no longer than 24hours. What the **** Apple?! You used to stand out in comparison to another brands by always being reliable and having good releases... so the pricetag on your devices would pay up, because of that.... now I'm not sure anymore!!!


If it's to have the same inconsistent crap like other tablet users I could have spent less money on some android tablet by samsung or others. Have the same problems and spending less money!!!


Please, just fix this problem and release the new version ASAP!!!!



Sorry if my english has errors, it's not my first language! I'm Portuguese!

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 5.0.1, Trying to update to iOS 6.1