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I called Apple yesterd and spoke with an Indian gentleman named Charles. I told him my problem and he said my warranty was 3 days out of date for coverage. I bought a 3 month warranty and then he routed me, by phone to another website called, "MY Tech Help".  I was on the phone with them for over 4 hours and my problem still isn't solved.  My question is:  Is "My Tech Help" and affiliate of Apple or have I been scammed?

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    Apple does not sell three month warranties, and in particular does not extend the warranties of devices that have passed out of their warranty period. I suggest you contact Apple again and try to get the straight info about what you have. Contact Apple using expresslane.apple.com if you are in a country that supports it or call the appropriate phone number on this page.


    Just looking at the website you mention - presumably http://www.mytechhelp.com/apple-support.aspx I do not see anything that looks like they are part of Apple or being used by Apple for support. Rather they look like a 3rd party support company.


    Best of luck.

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    I'm a bit doubtful that you were talking to Apple at all. It would certainly not be approved by Apple for any technical support staff employee to sell you a "three month warranty", which as said Apple does not offer independent of the customer purchasing an out-of-warranty replacement for an iOS device or an out-of-warranty repair for a Mac, nor to direct you to a non-authorized service provider. In what country are you and what number did you call?


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    My Tech Help is a SCAM! ALWAYS call the 1-800-MYAPPLE.