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iTunes automatic downloads restricted to one user per computer?

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  • Agpilot02 Calculating status...

    I don't know how to get around the 90 limit for automatic downloads if you share accounts on one computer like me and my wife do on our iMac but I do have a workaround.


    Assuming you have both devices in the same house on the same WiFi network you can login to homeshare on both devices and import the music from one device to the other.

  • eyecuemedia Calculating status...

    I've been following this thread for over a year now, just to guage how long it took some one to realize your answer above. This is, indeed, the way the system was meant to work, and the only work around to the 90 limit. One can even set up iTunes on the receiving end of the Home Share to automatically transfer those purchases as they are made.

  • topher1_2000 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This rule drives me crazy. My wife and I each have our own separate apple ID's. I had not run into this 90 day rule until I bought itunes match in Feb '12. I understand Apple has to have some framework and rules in place to prevent sharing, but we've not been sharing songs.


    Today my wife logged into itunes w/ her ID and bought some songs. Then I logged her out, logged myself in, so I could buy a couple of songs (1 of the purchases I made was of the same she had purchased minutes before). Usually when I log in, the first thing I do is turn on itunes match (which gets turned off everytime my wife logs me out and logs herself in). When I tried to turn on itunes match (which I've done many times over the last 12 months), I received the 90-day warning. Aaarrgghhh!!


    I'm going to call itunes support and see if both of us paying for itunes match might be a workaround.

  • eyecuemedia Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    You're supposed to set up separate user accounts in your desktop OS for that kind of operation. That is to say; you should be signing in and out between your and your wife's account via the operating system, not the iTunes Store.


    If you're on a Mac, go to: System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Options > Turn on Fast User Switching; then create you or your wife a secondary administrator user, and use the menu bar to toggle between your two separate computer accounts, each containing your own respective iTunes Store accounts.


    If you're on a PC, go to: Control Panel > User Accounts Or Some Sh*t; and then create a new user account for the same purpose as above. Only difference is that now you'll use the Start menu to 'Switch User' rather than to 'Log Out'.


    This way, Home Sharing can have its full and perfect work, assuming iTunes is running in all signed-in users' accounts.

  • topher1_2000 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    That makes sense, Eye.


    Do I then have to separate the itunes library into 2 libraries -- 1 for my songs, videos, movies, books, etc; and 1 for her items? Or just leave the library as is?


    Thanks for your assistance.

  • eyecuemedia Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Correct. You'll need to copy the media via Home Sharing from one library to the other, and then delete the respective media from the original library. More information on Home Sharing can be found here:


    Keep in mind, when syncing devices (unless over Wi-Fi), the device's respective owner needs to sign into his or her own account on the Mac or PC prior to plugging the device in to sync. (The fist time may be a little bumpy.)

  • TMR_tech Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This Apple rule is a constant source of irritation to me because there are multiple user accounts in my household and only one iPad and iPhone. I can't see how it does anything to prevent sharing that is not already achieved by the other restrictions that Apple has in place. It should not be necessary for two people who share the same computer but have their own iTunes store accounts to also have their own user accounts on that computer in order for both of them to download things they have paid for. What's worse is that you can't have people with two different accounts sharing the same iOS device because once one person downloads their purchases on it, the other person has to wait 90 days before they can do the same. This is nonsense in terms of preventing sharing because what it forces people to do is share the same account; then the material gets shared between them anyway. Unless, that is, each person buys their own device so they can access their account anytime, which I can't help thinking is the real reason Apple has the 90-day rule.

  • eyecuemedia Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, iOS devices are not yet built with multiple users in mind.


    The 90-day limit is to prevent one from signing out of their account and having their friend sign in to share his or her purchases without you needing to buy them. (Even if this were possible, it would be annoying to update any apps this way, as it would require your friend giving you their password, and degrading the security of the system as a whole.)


    The gracious work around is Home Sharing, as mentioned above (but even that is limited to 5 computers and 10 devices - which should honestly be plenty).


    Additionally iTunes Match might help your household with alternative media sharing schemes as well.

  • topher1_2000 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    So home sharing is simply a way to share media when on the same network? We have home sharing turned on, on all of our devices, but to my knowledge only used it once, and that was when we first turned home sharing on and wanted to see it work.


    Bottom line for us is we want to avoid this 90-day rule in the future.


    Observations since the 90-day rule was invoked on me:

    -- I noticed my iTunes Match still functions for my iPhone and ipad, but no longer for my mbp, since somehow violating and incurring this 90-day wrath.


    -- I also noticed that automatic downloading of newly purchased songs still works between my iPhone and ipad, but these 2 new songs will not auto download to my mbp (for 89 more days), as they would have prior to our violation. When I try to turn on auto music downloads on my mbp, I get the rejection and 90-day notice.


    -- I'm assuming -- but have not yet tried -- that ill have to sync over these 2 new songs in order for them to be on my mbp.


    Eye, I appreciate your help thus far. I'd like to press a little more if you don't mind.....

    My wife and I don't mind adding a separate user account to the mbp -- easy to do, it appears. But the process of "copying the media via home sharing from one library to the other, and then delete the respective media from the original library" isn't quite making sense to me. If you copy the media then delete it from my user account on the mbp desktop OS, over to my wife's user account on the mbp desktop OS, then wht has been accomplished? Didn't it simply move from 1 user acct to the other?


    I will do nearly whatever it takes to avoid this 90-day rule in the future, which is why I'm trying to delve deeper into this. Thanks, Eye.

  • eyecuemedia Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Correct, you're simply moving the media from one account to the other, for device syncing purposes. Now, if you'd like to keep it in your other account as well, that's perfectly fine. It's just okay to delete it after you copy, otherwise.


    On your MacBook Pro, just set Home Sharing up to automatically transfer new purchases from the other account (at the bottom of the Home Sharing screen) for the next 88 days, I guess. When you go to sign out of the store and then in as someone else, it prompts you first about te 90-day thing... So without intending any offense, to avoid it in the future, make sure to read any dialog boxes that pop up before clicking 'Okay'.


    Meanwhile, if you can't sign back in as yourself for 88 more days, it sounds like paying for iTunes Match under your wife's account may still be the best bet. If you don't mind having the same library for now. But I would still set up two user accounts.

  • topher1_2000 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks Eye, for continued help.


    Here's an update for everyone:


    Last night I called itunes library support. I explained my situation to "Andrew". I explained how I had Match but my wife didn't. I explained that we regularly logged each other out of itunes in order to log in. I explained how, to our knowledge, we weren't sharing music, that we had each purchased the same song, as recently as this week. I explained how when I would log my wife out, then log myself in, that the first thing I would do is "turn on" Match (which would get turned off when my wife would log me out and log herself in). I explained that I logged my wife out and logged myself into itunes on Tuesday (same as we've always done), but when I tried to turn Match on I received the 90-day notice.


    Andrew asked if either of us had "automatic downloads" turned on for music. I told Andrew that I had that turned on, for my apple ID on our mbpro, and had done so since that feature first debuted. My wife, to her knowledge, had never turned it on. Andrew said that neither of us should turn on automatic downloads on the mbpro, that leaving it off would prevent the 90-day notice from occurring. He thinks my wife must have turned it on accidentally for her apple ID (it wasn't on for her apple ID when I checked, nor did she know where to even find the automatic download setting). He said he couldn't think of another thing we could do to avoid this happening in the future, besides keeping automatic downloads turned off. He then suggested I email itunes store support and relay my problem to them, that maybe they might have another suggestion for avoiding this 90-day lockout in the future.


    So I emailed them, relaying everything I had told to Andrew. I mentioned that this 90-day lockout irritated me, since it was a product I was paying for but not able to use (or at least not able to use on the mbpro). I stressed that I didn't know what we did to precipitate the 90-day lockout. I told them that I would serve the 89 more days of being locked-out, but that I need to know what I can do in the future to avoid being locked-out (I stressed this a couple of times in the email). Further, I told them that I was likely going to allow my Match auto-renew to occur at the end of this month b/c of how happy I had been w/ Match on my ipad and iphone (where storage capacity is a problem, and Match is most valuable). Lastly, I asked them if Andrew's suggestion was correct, since he had told me to email them for more possible suggestions.


    I received an email about 3 hours later stating that my issue has been resolved, that they understood my frustration, and that I'm no longer locked-out 90-days, via an exception to the Terms and Conditions.


    I sent an email back this morning thanking them for unlocking my Match on the mbpro. But I stressed that what I would equally like is to be advised on how I can avoid this occurring in the future, per my original email to them. I said that I now felt gun-shy about what I or my wife might do to trigger this lockout again in the future, particularly since we don't know what we did in the first place that caused the lockout.


    No response yet, but I'll update when I do.

  • topher1_2000 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I received a response on the 24th but forgot to update here.


    Suggestions to avoid the 90-day lockout, while using a single library but separate apple ID's, and 1 of us using Match --


    1) Turn automaticdownloads off on the mbpro (not the iphone or ipad, since we don't share our iphone or ipads w/ each other, which leads to.....)

    2) Don't log into someone else's mobile device w/ my apple ID. Neither the wife or myself log into each other's devices, only the mbpro.

    3) Turn off automatic downloads of pre-orders.


    I think that was it.

  • adeharding Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Having same problem. Originally my Mac had one user account, on itunes library, one apple ID and all was fine.


    Recently I have created a new user account on my mac for my girlfriend, and managed to bring across her itunes library which is being accessed from a portable and using her apple id. When i tried to play her music through her account i had to authorize, and the music played. However when i have tried to re-download her previous purchases, turn on automatic download, or transfer from iphone/ipad I get the 90 transfer message.


    If I select transfer will it affect my user account, my library, and my itunes being able to re-download, auto download, transfer?


    Ultimatly we will merge libraries at one point and only use one account for future purchases.

  • NVH42 Calculating status...

    What gets me is that this now also seems to affect season pass downloads, whereas it never used to. Now all of a sudden, no new TV series seem to be downloadable, because according to iTunes, I can only download past purchases once every 90 days blah blah blah. Since when are new episodes made available via a season pass 'past purchases' ?

  • frilmos Calculating status...

    I have a similar problem.  My computer is linked (somehow, not sure how) to an Apple ID that I use for work.  I've just started watching a new TV show, and after a couple episodes decided to purchase the season pass.  After downloading just the next available episode, it will no longer allow me to download the rest of them--for 80 days!  What?  I'm supposed to wait 80 days on a new purchase of a season pass?  There was no warning when I told it to only download the next available episode rather than the "download all" that if I didn't download all now, I wouldn't be downloading all ever (or at least for the next 80 days).


    How is this a reasonable working model? 


    Irritated and impatient.  If I weren't so impatient, I'd be using Netflix.


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