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Ok, ok I know you've seen this problem before.  But all the other answers are simply saying to delete apps to free up room.  Not working.


I have a 3GS phone.  It's been getting worse this past couple weeks.  I can't take pictures or download a new app because it says I'm out of storage.  When I look under usage, it is now saying I have 0 bytes available and have 13.6 GB used.  The problem is I have NO idea where this 13.6 GB is at.  My laraget app is only 151 MB.  I have pulled all my pictures off my phone.  I have no music.  What in the world is eating up my storage?!


I do not use the iCloud.  I have synced with ITunes and restored factory settings which did nothing.  In fact, it made things worse as many of apps won't re-download since I'm "out" of storage.  HELP!

iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.1.2