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Hi all,


My old PC gave up on me, most likely a motherboard issue, so i decided to get a new pc.


In that pc I also installed the HDD from my old pc, as they are still in working condition.


My old itunes setup was as follows (Windows XP):


on C: drive in the following folder is my itunes folder with no media in it, just library files, etc... :


C:/Documents and settings/"User"/My Documents/My Music/iTunes


The media folder was in a separate drive:


E:/JON/iTunes/iTunes Music


On my new PC the setup is like that (Windows 7):


C:/Users/"Username"/My Music/iTunes/


Media files are on the old drive that I transfered


After changing the location of the media files in preference/advanced


I always get the same message for every music i try the play: "cannot locate file"


My media folder is pretty big: 600Go, thats why I have to keep it on that Drive. The state of the drive is fine, I can play the files directly by clicking the music file.


Is there another way for itunes to recognize my media folder?


Thanks for your help.

Windows 7