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Hi, I've been reading over similar questions in this forum, but haven't found any that answer.  Hoping someone can help.  I created a website in iWeb.  The text on this page looks blurry http://themostdangerouswomaninhollywood.com/Booking.html.  The text on this page looks crisp and clear http://themostdangerouswomaninhollywood.com/Peep_Show.html.  The text in the upper portion on this page looks great, but the lower portion looks blurry http://themostdangerouswomaninhollywood.com/Ladies_and_Gentlemen.html


How do I get all the text throughout the site I built in iWeb to display clearly?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    I'm assuming you're referring to the small font on those pages.  On the first page, booking, the font is has been converted to an image file, probably do to the drop shadow enhancement added to the large font above each smaller paragraph.  The same goes for the Ladine and Gentleman page.


    It also could be the contrast between the font color against the background. The gray font is easier to see than the black because of the black's lower contrast.  Also the italics on the last example you linked to adds to the difficulty to see clearly.


    All of the text that has drop shadow or other enhnacements has been converted to images.  This prevents search engines from using that text in their ranking and presentation of the site in search results.


    Increase the contrast between the font and background and, for my old eyes, increse the font size of the smaller font a bit.  I see the photos and videos just fine .



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    Hi, Old Toad.  You were dead on with your advice.  I created separate text boxes where the image formatting wasn't needed and removed it altogether where it wasn't necessary.  Things are looking much clearer.  And just for you, a 15 size font is hopefully easily readable now, too.  Enjoy:-)

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    I see you treat the elderly with respect.   Thank you.