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Hello iCalers,


I recently made the switch to Mountain Lion from Snow Leopard. I was quite a fan of iCal in Snow Leopard—it was one of the reasons I downgraded to Snow Leopard from Lion—but since I have a newer computer that doesn't allow Snow Leopard, and I've got Mountain Lion set up pretty well for me, I'm sticking with Mountain Lion.


My standard view for things in iCal is "Weekly." In Mountain Lion's incantation, I don't see the red marker that scrolls downwards, the one that corresponded to the current time. I'm wondering: was this feature dropped in Lion/Mountain Lion, or is mine buggy, or is it an out-of-the-way preference somewhere? I peeked in some .plists and com.apple.iCal files—I laugh that Apple still calls it "iCal" at the programming end—but I couldn't see any obvious mention of that time-of-day marker.


Any ideas?


I liked it a lot—enough to open a discussion about it!

iCal (aka "Calendar"), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Hi Scott,


    The red time marker is there on my calendar on OSX 10.8.2.


    You could try making a new user account on the computer and opening the Calendar.app there. Can you see it on a fresh user account?


    Best wishes

    John M

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    Thanks John M,


    It  indeed worked when I made a new user account, so I trashed and deleted my <user>/Library/Calendars folder, as well as <user>/Library/Preferences/com.apple.ical.plist—(backing them up elsewhere beforehand, in case something terrible happened), then re-set-it-up. (Holy cow it's easy to work with iCal after iCloud—literally seconds when it used to be at least a couple of minutes using Google Apps caldav or making an ical backup file and restoring calendars + fixing buggy events). It seems to be all good now.


    A few times in my OS X history I've had issues come up where something is busted and I make a new user account that demonstrates that it's not busted universally. I hadn't even thought of doing that this time. Thanks for the idea!


    May your days be merry and bright!