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I recently had to back up my entire computer onto a jump drive because of a hardware issue. Now that my laptop is fixed (reset to factory settings) - I've simply just been dragging and dropping everything back on. Everything was working perfectly until I got to iPhoto. When I dragged and dropped the "iPhoto Library" into iPhoto, it imported all the pictures normally. After it was finally done, I noticed that each photo was made into an event - nothing was being sorted by date (which was the setting I had it set to). I have over 5000 pictures on iPhoto, which means I now have over 5000 seperate events.


It's set to "sort by date" but basically the only thing working is having to MANUALLY merge each photo. Which would take a long, long time. I've tried to restart the program, and my Mac, just to see if it would refresh or sort everything out once I reopened it... Nothing has worked so far.


I'm thinking it's an easy fix but I haven't had to do this before and i'm not super Mac savvy. It's just a mess.


Any suggestions are appreciated,



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), iPhoto version 9.2.3