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Preview 5.5.1 running on a new MacBook Air.  I created a couple of signatures and was using them fine for a couple of weeks.  Suddenly the saved sigs are no longer available, and new ones are not being saved.  I click 'accept' in the create new signature popup, then the popup dissappears and the sig is not saved.


Driving me crazy!


Any ideas?


Many thanks


MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Preview 5.5.1
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    From the Finder menu bar, select Go ▹ Go to Folder... and copy the following line into the text box that opens:




    A Finder window should open with an item selected. Press the key combination command-I to open the Info window. In the Sharing & Permissions section of that window, do you have read & write access? Is the item locked? What is its modification date?

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    I'm not the original poster here, but I have the same problem. I looked at the "com.apple.Preview.signatures.plist" file, and, re the questions above:

    • I do have read/write access
    • The item is not locked
    • The mod date is 2/14/13 (today is 2/21/13), and the creation date is also 2/14/13.


    It looks like the file got overwritten with a new file. I attempted to recreate my signature a few days ago (after the old ones disappeared). That may explain the overwrite, although that should have modified the file.


    My take here is that Preview is randomly creating a new signatures.plist file, and the fix is to use time machine to recover the old one.